On My Design Radar: Terrazzo

Recently I have been seeing a very unexpected type of surface being used in contemporary spaces like cool restaurants and updated residential interiors. I first noticed it two years ago when the restauant Granger opened in my Notting Hill neighborhood. The restaurant is designed with the flooring and bar all made from terrazzo. Terrazzo is an old material that was first invented in the 15th century as a way to create a low cost flooring solution (using scraps of marble and granite, then setting it in concrete). The look of terrazzo can resemble a mosaic design and when used currently, also gives a nod to the 70’s, a time when it was used in lots of commercial buildings like schools or offices. I have to say I am really loving this look and every time it pops up in interior spaces or cafes (like the epic Bar Luce in Milan, designed by Wes Anderson, check it out here), it looks pretty amazing. Here is some terrazzo inspiration, if you are looking for a flooring or tile alternative that is a refreshed version of a classic material.


The interior of Bar Luce in Milan has incredible pink terrazzo floors. The restaurant is designed by Wes Anderson and looks pretty dreamy if you ask me.

This is me sitting at the bar at Granger in Notting Hill enjoying a latte. Love this neutral terrazzo countertop. There are also lots of brass details in the restaurant as well … adding a 70’s design flair.

I love this contemporary color palette of FOAM meant to resemble a terrazzo material. This is taken from a pretty amazing children’s playground space.

This minimal designed residential space is so beautiful with the terrazzo flooring and neutral decor.

A terrazzo inspired design surface creating a major statement bathroom interior. Designed by Max Lamb.

The terrazzo bar at Granger in Notting Hill.

I also love this take on a traditional terrazzo surface using larger and colorful pieces of marble and granite. I love the design it creates especially the neutral version as seen on the cover image above.

I love how terrazzo flooring is used here in both of these beautiful interior settings.


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